I hadn't been to see a dentist in quite awhile, mostly, because I was pertrified of them. A very good friend of mine made me an appt. to see Dr. Provenzale, and, also offered to come with. Yes! This dentist is the finest man I have met in a long time. Not only is he an excellant DDS., but, his personality and smile instalntly make you feel 'safe'. He told me upfront everything he planned to do, explained everything, every step of the way,then proceeded to do it, after I'd O.K.d it, and then proceeded to spend nearly 4 hrs. doing a complete root canal for me, that, honestly, was next to painless! I am VERY AFRAID of Dentists, but, I find myself actually wanting to go back, just so I can thank this wonderful man, for helping me overcome my severe fear of dentists. There are good and bad, in all professions, and, I truly feel as if I somehow got lucky enough to stumble into one fantastic, sensitive, and caring man, I'll never let my fears overcome my good sense ever again!

Susan, [ LOCATION ]

The longer I know you and your staff,the more I find to love about you! For the past 30 some years, you've always been there for my family. You've seen my husband through numerous challenges and my kids through their "braces and wisdom teeth years"and especially,through their "dental negligent" young adulthood. Two of my grandchildren currently look forward to their "rubber glove balloon" visits! As if that weren't enough, you've compassionately taken on one daughter's significant other (in a time of crisis no less)! I truly believe that your kindness and patience has no bounds. I am extremely grateful for all that you do.

Kathie K., [ LOCATION ]

Dear Dr Provenzale Jr. and Staff,

Again I want to thank you all that helped me thru this wonderful process. I smile ALL the time and I hope I never stop. Everyone at Dr Provenzale's office has been so kind to me and have made this experience easy for me. Dr Provenzale was very gentle and sincere and his nurses and other helpers kept me calm each time I came. Thanks again!

Brenda Y., [ LOCATION ]

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