Awesome Dr. Donald Provenzale, Jr. introduced serious need for care of an infection and tooth replacement! The game plan was on what to do!

The total procedure created by Dr. Donald Provenzale, was the surgical extraction and right procedures and quickly cured the underlying infection, created the bone graph needed to support the current modern methods needed of IMPLANTS! I wanted to have with no pain with this implant plan and as promised me and Dr. Donald Provenzale, DELIVERED FULL REPLACEMENT OF MY TOOTH and avoided an alternate bridge!

I most highly recommend and refer you to seek out Dr. Donald Provenzale, For your every tooth problem and Dental implants you need!

Nancy M. Woodridge, IL

I have been a patient of Dr Provenzale Sr for 48 years. The care I have received has been excellent. In 2017 I had 4 implants done by Dr Provenzale Jr to replace a large bridge and the outcome was great. My smile is so much better and my ability to enjoy food and life was much improved! The implant procedure was painless. I was very happy with all the care that was provided to me at Chewswisely Implant Center. The staff called me the next day to make sure I was doing great .I would do implants in a heartbeat with again Dr Provenzale Jr. I HIGHLY Recommend Dr Provenzale Jr to anybody needing implants or a second opinion. He does all surgical procedures in his office at his implant center office he does everything from start to finish for the implant procedure.His staff is excellent and very professional . I will only get implants at Dr Provenzale Jr Chewswisely Dental Implant Center.

Linda D. Darien,IL

Had implants done over four years ago. Needed to have surgery correcting bone lose in areas were teeth were missing.Had two separate sets of implants consisting of two and three teeth each put in. All was performed extremely professionally and with very little discomfort at all. Has been a joy ever since.

Hans S. Downers Grove, IL

I highly recommend Dr. Provenzale who did my implant. He is very knowledgeable and caring. The process was easy, painless and I couldn’t be happier with the results. His office staff is also great.

Barbara J. Naperville, IL

Dr Provenzale and his office staff are tremendous to work with. From scheduling and billing to getting implants, their level of knowledge and service is outstanding. It is especially helpful to have everything involved with getting implants completed in 1 office by Dr. Provenzale.

MaryBeth W. Auburn, AL

Dr. Provenzale is the BEST. I have been terrified of dentists all my life and have had several bad painful experiences over the years. Now in my sixties and had to have implants 4 to be exact and crowns to the remaining front teeth. Went to a new dentist close to home and she was very nice and she sent me to an oral surgeon who did the implant posts. It was a very painful experience. I expected to have pain but not to the extent that I did. It was the worse 10 days. I wanted a second opinion because after 5 months still without getting my implant crowns, I was told I will need 2 more implant posts because the dentist didn't think my 4 front teeth would hold up to crowns. I was beside myself thinking of repeating the pain. So my dear friend told me about ProDental and Dr. Provenzale. I made an appointment and saw him and Michelle. After reviewing my x-rays and taking some new ones, he said there is no reason I would need more implant posts. He was willing to finish the job for me and promised me no pain. He explained everything and answered all my questions. The fact that he was trained in anesthesia early in his career made a big difference to me. Well, I just finished getting my permanent implants crowns and front teeth crowned. They look beautiful, I feel great and it truly was PAINLESS!! I recommend Dr. Provenzale to all my friends and family. I am so glad I found him.

Melody G. Orland Park, IL

I had two implants done and Dr. Provenzale Jr and his team were great. It was so convenient to have the bone graft , extraction as well as the implants done by Dr. Provenzale Jr at the same location. I had no pain after the implant procedure and the office called me to check up on me after the surgery. I have been coming to this practice for 10 years . I would recommend Dr Provenzale Jr to anybody that's looking for a Board certified Implantologist that does everything at the same location which was great. His staff is great and very professional. I look forward going to the dentist because they make you feel like family.

Susana F. Downers Grove , IL

"I had an excellent experience with the entire staff, especially Dr. Provenzale. I was so impressed with the care and attention to detail that I am planning on having all of my dental work done at this office. If you want high quality dental service and state of the art care, this is the place!

Audrey J. Barrington, IL

Started going to Dr. Provenzale Jr. several years ago. I loved that he always remembers what is going on in your life. Takes time with you, not rushed. He does fabulous work. I needed a couple of implants and it was a breeze!! He is top notch when it comes to implants. Always made sure you were alright during the procedure. Never did any unnecessary work. My 93 year old mother-in-law hadn't been to the dentist in 20+ years, her partial broke and Dr. P. got her in immediately. She got 7 implants with no problem! She loved him! His staff is fantastic, very attentive and treat you so kind as well. I just moved to Florida and had to find a new dentist. I really miss Dr. Provenzale, there is no comparison.

M S Wimauna, FL

One of the best dentists around, Don Provenzale Jr. has won awards for his implants. Also, he was amazing with my husband (who had not been to a dentist in 30 years!), who had a huge fear of dentists from a bad childhood experience. He removed wisdom teeth and did a deep cleaning; my husband was eating pancakes that night. Very impressive!

Lisa W. Lombard, IL

Dr. Provenzale Jr. is my dentist, and I am a big fan of the entire practice. I go there for all aspects of dental care, and it's always been a positive experience. For routine care the entire staff's professionalism, attention to detail, and friendliness have been outstanding.

Implants: I've needed two implants, and the work has been of the highest calibre. Dr. Provenzale's entire focus is on a quality outcome. When I have questions there has never been impatience or condescension--all questions are answered clearly and in as much detail as I request, so I can make confident decisions. And in my experience, shortcuts are never acceptable to Dr. Provenzale. He has always chosen on the side of what will be best for me in the long run, even if that means extra visits and work on his part.

Quality Staff: Every single person with whom I've had contact there--from the reception desk to the treatment rooms--appears engaged with their work. For example, there have been a couple occasions where a staff member or two will come into the treatment room to observe some specific step in the implant process. They have questions and it's obvious they want to expand their professional knowledge. I like knowing that everyone there cares a lot about what they're doing, because my mouth is in their hands.

Bruce J. Downers Grove, IL

I lived in Downers Grove for 20 years and Dr. Provenzale Jr. has taken care of my families' dental needs for most of those years. In 2009 he did some front crowns for me, and I must say I was more than happy with them. In 2010 we moved to AZ and sadly had to say goodbye to my dentist. I have seen 3 dentists in AZ since then and everyone of those dentists greatly compliments my front teeth and raves about how natural and wonderful they look, the hygienists do the same, each and every time I see them! Dr. Provenzale Jr is a dental hero!! I am still looking for his replacement in AZ and have yet to find it. You won't find a more caring person and his staff is wonderful also. I just don't think there are many dentist like him! If you are looking for a dentist, look no further, You have found him! You won't be sorry.

Laura R. Phoenix, AZ

I had a very complicated case that was taken care of professionally here. My front teeth look amazing, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The staff are friendly, and professional, as well. You will not be disappointed!

Molly C. Round Lake, IL

BEST DENTIST EVER!!!!!!!!! I would give 10 stars if I could. I am extremely particular about my teeth and Dr. Provenzale Jr.. is truly the best! I have done my fair share of "dentist shopping" and Dr. P Jr. delivers the best kind of service and caters to his patients needs.

He is always attentive and a perfectionist with his work. He is kind and extremely funny, so you will enjoy your dental experience while he is at work. Dr. P is very empathetic and caters to his patients desires. He has done crown work, bleaching, teeth cleaning, the whole works on me and I have never encountered any pain. He also understands what his patients want and always delivers!
The entire staff is so friendly and you will feel at home. Everyone that works here is so kind, caring and funny. I live in Chicago and travel to see him because he truly is the best. Most importantly, I feel comfortable while I am at his office and I am not afraid to be my "particular self" while I am here. He always fits you in when you have an emergency. Great service, great people, just great experience ...... What else could you ask for?!?!?!

Cori W. Woodridge, IL

I normally dread the dentist, but the staff here was amazing! Michelle was so friendly, and Dr Provenzale Jr was great! I've never had such a positive experience at the dentist! What a friendly staff. I will be telling everyone this place!

N.M. Golden, CO

I went to see Dr P Jr because I needed an implant. He was so gentle, I never had any pain. Thanks!!

Mary P. Palatine, IL

Dr. P (JR) is friendly and handles every case very serious.. Staff is very friendly and goes the extra mile for their patients.. Last but not least the facility is very clean. Love this place!

I. C. Dixon, IL

A neighbor of mine recommended Dr. Provenzale, Jr. for a second opinion about a bad back tooth. She told me that she had been going to him for several years and she was very happy with him. Dr. Provenzale agreed with my regular dentist that the tooth had to come out. He thoroughly explained everything to me and answered every question very honestly. It made me feel very comfortable with him and confident in his abilities. But different from my other dentist, he recommended that I have an implant instead of a bridge. And what can I say? I was so impressed with the professionalism of his whole office (and I also met his father, Dr. Provenzale, Sr. who is also very nice), and I was so happy that I went there! He pulled my tooth and replaced it with an implant and I never even felt a thing, even the shot which I was really impressed about. He gave me a prescription for pain killers, but i never even needed to take one! I am looking forward to getting a crown put on the implant in a few months. I would recommend Provenzale Dental to anyone, but especially if you are nervous about dentists. They have a cute web address too:chewswisely.com. Check it out, its a very informative site.

Janet R. Westmont, IL

Dr Provenzale & his staff are some of the most pleasant you will find in the dental arena. I'm currently in the process of having a tooth implant done by Dr Provenzale and have never experienced a totally pain free dental visit but I have with Dr P. Even the implant process has been pain and discomfort free. He is the greatest! Thanks!

Mary H. LaGrange, IL

I hadn't been to see a dentist in quite awhile, mostly, because I was pertrified of them. A very good friend of mine made me an appt. to see Dr. Provenzale, and, also offered to come with. Yes! This dentist is the finest man I have met in a long time. Not only is he an excellant DDS., but, his personality and smile instalntly make you feel 'safe'. He told me upfront everything he planned to do, explained everything, every step of the way,then proceeded to do it, after I'd O.K.d it, and then proceeded to spend nearly 4 hrs. doing a complete root canal for me, that, honestly, was next to painless! I am VERY AFRAID of Dentists, but, I find myself actually wanting to go back, just so I can thank this wonderful man, for helping me overcome my severe fear of dentists. There are good and bad, in all professions, and, I truly feel as if I somehow got lucky enough to stumble into one fantastic, sensitive, and caring man, I'll never let my fears overcome my good sense ever again!

Susan Elmhurst, IL

The longer I know you and your staff,the more I find to love about you! For the past 30 some years, you've always been there for my family. You've seen my husband through numerous challenges and my kids through their "braces and wisdom teeth years"and especially,through their "dental negligent" young adulthood. Two of my grandchildren currently look forward to their "rubber glove balloon" visits! As if that weren't enough, you've compassionately taken on one daughter's significant other (in a time of crisis no less)! I truly believe that your kindness and patience has no bounds. I am extremely grateful for all that you do.

Kathie K. Downers Grove , IL

Dear Dr Provenzale Jr. and Staff,

Again I want to thank you all that helped me thru this wonderful process. I smile ALL the time and I hope I never stop. Everyone at Dr Provenzale's office has been so kind to me and have made this experience easy for me. Dr Provenzale was very gentle and sincere and his nurses and other helpers kept me calm each time I came. Thanks again!

Brenda Y. Naperville, IL

Over the years when I have said I have the best dentist ever and someone replies they do and we compare-- it is Donald Provenzale, Jr! More credentials, and certifications than anyone. Do you know what a difference that makes? Many look for a oral surgeon not realizing many of them are not certified in implants or in many other things that Dr. P has been doing since the beginning. And you will love everyone in his practice.

Donna L. Downers Grove , IL

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